Medical Billing Agency in USA

Medical Billing Agency in USA. DP Medical Billing Company LLC

DP Medical Billing Company LLC is an integrated physician billing company/agency based in Washington Dc, USA that complete your electronic claims, follow up with the insurance companies and follow up with patients to ensure maximum reimbursements. We use advanced technology that provides immediate reporting on claims processed and reimbursements to help physicians concentrate on the health of the patients.

Our experience, technology with our service approach to medical billing maximizes the reimbursement process and streamlines practice operations. DP Medical Billing Company LLC, will work with your practice to implement a total physician billing workflow solution. Our services provide physicians solutions that help their practices run more efficiently.


Know More About Our Medical Billing Agency

Duang Pothier has a Master degree in Software Engineering Management and BA in Statistics. Duang also has extensive experience as a Health Claims Specialist Auditor, auditing employee health claims for multi employee benefit plans. Our background as a data analyst, projecting revenue for government provides our clients a unique perspective in analyzing and projecting payments. Our team consist of Certified Professional Coders, (CPC) from AAPC.

Let DP help you improve practice performance with our physician billing services.

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