Med Billing Services

  • Our med billing services help staying educated and on top of industry standards, such as with HIPAA and OIG compliance, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, commercial carriers, State, & local regulation.
  • Making sure the appropriate CPT /HCPCS and ICD-10 diagnosis codes correspond and are the current AMA approved codes 
  • Filing of Appeals  
  • Verifying Accuracy of Payments  
  • Handling Phone calls to Insurance Carriers; Insurance follow up 
  • Fee Schedule Analysis 
  • Dp med billing services will provide working aging reports 
  • Our med billing services helps processing clearinghouse reports; or Providing you with accurate monthly reports  
  • Electronic Submission of Claims; Submission of Primary and Secondary Claims; Batching and transmitting your claims to a clearinghouse.  
  • We will help with handling of denials
  • Our med billing services will help filing of appeals
  • Verifying Accuracy of Payments 
  • Our medical billing services provide patient billing; patient statement 
  • Our med billing services will help you resubmission of claims 

Benefits of our Med Billing Services

How DP Med Billing Services do it

dp med billing servicesExtensive knowledge in data analysis

med billing servicesExpertise in Health Care

med billing servicesEmphasis on getting you paid

Let DP med billing services help you improve practice performance with our physician billing services.

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