Population Health the New Buzzword

Population Health seems to be the the buzzword these days.  Regrettably, many of pepole don't know what the real definition of Population Health is, the term "Population Health" was published in the American Journal of Health back in 2003.  That’s when Dr. David Kindig and Dr. Greg Stoddart got together and realized that Population Health was being used [...]

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What to do with over payments, keep it or refund it

What to do with over payments, keep it or refund it. Over Payments, keep it or refund it, thin line to cross. Dealing with insurance payers to get pay is a stressful task , getting paid is becoming harder and harder . The biggest questions is in regard to handling potential overpayment. regarding internal or [...]

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Avoiding Medical Billing Denial Best Practice

Best Practices to Avoid Medical Billing Denials The formal definition of a medical billing denial is, "the refusal of an insurance company or carrier to honor a request by an individual (or his or her provider) to pay for healthcare services obtained from a healthcare professional." It's no secret that the relationship between health care [...]

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The Risks of Undercoding

The Risks of Undercoding When considering audit results, a good number of compliance experts, providers, and coders are concerned about “over-coding,” or reporting a service or procedure not adequately backed up by documentation. Even though over-coding is obviously a problem—and one that can get you into serious problem—that doesn’t  mean you’re playing  it safe by [...]

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Outsource Medical Billing or Keep In-House: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Billing Outsourcing Determining whether or not to outsource medical billing or keep this process in-house is a difficult decision for many doctors and practice managers.  There is no cookie cutter answer that can be applied to all practices. Before deciding, one should consider a few factors: age of the [...]

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