Population Health the New Buzzword

Population Health seems to be the the buzzword these days.  Regrettably, many of pepole don't know what the real definition of Population Health is, the term "Population Health" was published in the American Journal of Health back in 2003.  That’s when Dr. David Kindig and Dr. Greg Stoddart got together and realized that Population Health was being used [...]

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Telemedicine is an Exploding field

Future of Telemedicine and Teleheath in health care Telemedicine & telehealth are presently experiencing a tough constraint owing to the fact that a lot more Patients try to get healthcare services from an ever-expanding selection of providers and places. This requires that all stakeholders and actors in the healthcare industry must adopt and design better [...]

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How MACRA will Impact Doctors and Hospitals

How MACRA is going to have Impact on Doctors & Hospitals? Implementation of MACRA will definitely have a far- reaching effect not just on Doctors, but at the same time the hospital which they partner according to Andy Slavitt acting administrator of CMS, and House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health.   The Impacts of Macra [...]

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